REUBEN + Alannah

The staff were really careful with our new house and did a great job. Two months later I am really pleased with our power savings so far. My only regret is not doing it sooner. 

Installation Details:

Power Output: 1.7kW
Panels: 6 x 285W Jinko All Black Mono Perc

Inverter: 6 x Enphase S230 Micro Inverters

Location: Whangarei

36381377_1548774282088543_7631985575926431744_n (2).jpg

Bob + Susan

 We were well due a good system upgrade Dan and his team design and installed a new modern off grid solar system that they can remotely monitor our site.

Installation Details: Off Grid

Power Output: 9.7kW
Panels: 36 x 270W REC TWINPEAK 2

Inverter: 8kw Victron Quattro Inverter/Charger

Batttery: 1x 28.8kW Lead Carbon Battery Bank

Location: Ahipara



I needed someone local to install my new system Daniel and his team did amazing job start to Finish.

Installation Details: Hybrid (Battery Backup)

Power Output: 13.4kW
Panels: 44 x 305W Perlight Mono Perc

Inverter: 2 x 5kW Solax Hybrid Inverter

Battery: 3x 14.4kW Lead Carbon Battery Bank

Location: Waipu